Halloween and a movie double header

Friday we were invited to a neighbor’s Halloween party. We had a small salad before we left to offset the junk we knew we’d be having, and handed out candy ’til we left (13 kids this year). Jill was a Middle Ages goth, and I was Indiana Jones (again, but it’s so easy). It was a fun party, most impressive costume was two entire roller derby teams. We didn’t stay too late, as Jill had been up quite a while.

Saturday we got to sleep in, then I got up and started a project I’d been putting off for a while: sanding and repainting the front railing and repainting the door. My plugin sander gave out 2/3rds of the way through, and I finished off by hand. After a quick breakfast I started painting and Jill joined me. It was a pain, but it sure looks nice now. In the evening we finally did our celebration of my birthday that we’d put off for Jill’s test last week. She took me to Vintage 50, an upscale brewpub in Leesburg. It was a nice place, and I had a beer sampler, the “corn dogs” (figs stuffed with Gorgonzola, corn battered, and fried) and duck served three ways. Jill had an oatmeal stout, calamari and scallops, and while she really enjoyed hers, my meal was just ok. Still, I’m willing to try it again sometime, and the plum tort we shared for dessert was superb. After dinner we went to see the Dark Knight in IMAX at the very last showing (next week starts Madagascar 2 – I think we’ll skip that). It was fun, but a long movie.

Today we also slept in, aided by the clock switch. I got up and finished cleaning up the front yard, then started some auctions before we headed out again to see yet another hilarious Kevin Smith movie. Later on we watched a couple Dead Like Me eps (we have a bit of a backlog, but the last one airs tomorrow so the end is in sight), then I cooked some fish and steamed artichokes for dinner (I had already made hollandaise sauce).