2 nights out, 1 in

Jill got out very early on Friday, so instead of trying to meet up in Falls Church, she came home, then I came home and we played with Illa, then headed over to the Birchmere where Stuart had saved us a place in line. We headed in, had some of the perfectly adequate food, and enjoyed an opening set from Chelsea Lee and Todd Watts (with new songs and a great cover of “Eye In The Sky”) then a fantastic show from Girlyman. They played new songs, old songs and their usual dollop of funny banter.

Saturday I relaxed in the morning and early afternoon, clearing some room of the the DVR, then we headed out. Two library booksales, a thriftstore and a CD store later we’d both made some scores, and we ended up at the Dogfish Head Alehouse in Seven Corners. Our first time at that location, a very good meal. I had cream of crab soup, a Caesar salad, and their pepperoni pizza while Jill had the andouille egg rolls and a Reuben with fries and a side salad. I had the Pumpkin Ale with the soup and the Palo Alto with my pizza, both excellent pairings. After dinner we headed over to George Mason University where we saw Lewis Black at the Patriot Center. He was hilarious as usual, but I was operating on not enough sleep, and I caught myself nodding off a couple times, but roused myself for his finish.

Today’s hasn’t been much of a lazy day around the house. Lots of computer stuff – auctions, genealogy and DVD making. Good late football game, and Jill ended up inadvertently making dinner. She was making chicken soup for lunches, but had so much chicken she made a second soup with dumplings. Good thing it was tasty.