Reunion weekend

With a packed weekend coming up, what happened Friday? My nose started running. Still, that was the worst thing to happen to me, so not bad. We kicked off the weekend with a marching band reunion, at a member’s house in Annandale. Right across the Beltway from Fairfax Hospital where Jill’s working this week, so it was a breeze for her. Not so much for me, as I needed to head home, walk Illa and pick up the drinks that were chilling, then make it to Annandale in rush hour. Still we got there not to long after it started, and it was nice to see (and recognize) so many people. Chris had flown down in the morning and spent the day with his mum, and we caught up to him there. We left staggered, too, and all got some much needed rest that night.

Saturday Jill was out running errands and beautifying herself while Chris and I hung out. I made some eggs for breakfast, we walked Illa, watched a bunch of TV, and went to Fuddrucker’s to get some lunch since Chris wanted a burger. In the evening we got all dolled up and went over to the Hyatt in Reston for my 20th high school reunion. It was tougher there, as I had a hard time recognizing folks I should have remembered. We even had a mini elementary school reunion in one of the side rooms, so odd to realize I’ve known some of those folks almost as long as Chris.


Sunday morning Chris headed out and we drove over to the Skins game with Dave and Hannah and tailgated a bit before heading in. Unfortunately the Rams did not live up to their creampuff status, winning in the literal final second. It was still a fine afternoon, marred only by the amount of time it took to get home after the game, nearly three hours. I actually got to the front of the line of the season ticket waitlist, but I don’t think I’m going to go for it – I don’t really want to spend an entire day at every home game, would rather go to 2-3 games a year and get some really good seats.

We both had some work to do in the evening, I had some auctions ending but didn’t have the energy to start a new round, plus I needed to clear some space on the DVR for this week’s shows. My dad showed up around 10, but he’d had a full day and wasn’t up for too long. Today I stopped at Safeway after work and picked up some steaks, then grilled them and made a Caesar salad to accompany them. We had a nice long dinner, then Jill had some more schoolwork and I watched some TV with Dad (everyone can appreciate Chuck).

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