All request weekend

Friday Jill had requested I get a haircut, so I did. Came home and made some tasty fish and chips for dinner, then caught up on most TV.

Saturday Dad had requested we visit, so we obliged, ’cause we just hate hanging out by the bay. Illa was in a state of high anxiety thinking he’d be left behind like the last time we went out of town, and was very happy to be included. He wasn’t as happy that we forgot his lead, and when we got to Dad’s the chain he had didn’t give him nearly as long a reach along the piers. Dad had made a shrimp salad and fruit salad for lunch, and we enjoyed that on the deck.

We went out in the afternoon to see Dad’s other piece of property, which has a couple barns he stores cars in. Illa was thrilled that there were goats nearby he wanted to meet, but after they went away he was still pretty crazy. We soon found out the reason for that was in half of the one of the barns Dad’s tenant was housing a cat rescue operation, and Illa wanted very badly to see for himself (we didn’t let him).

Dad, Jill & Illa at Dad's barn

For dinner we went out to the Fabulous Brew Cafe in Friendship. From the outside I would have guessed it was just a coffee shop, but it was a full service restaurant. I was in the mood for seafood and had the seafood platter, which was ok (liked the scallops and fish, shrimp and crab cakes weren’t great), but Jill really liked her chicken imperial topped with crab imperial and Dad enjoyed his Reuben, so I’d try it again. Plus it was nice to have a glass of Beamish with the meal.

We read some when we got back, then Dad broke out some family pictures he wanted to give to me, including some real old ones. I’ve done some work on our family tree, but I’m not sure if there’s any software that will incorporate pictures the way I’m thinking of.

Dad made apple nut pancakes and turkey bacon for breakfast the next morning, which we ate outside and relaxed a little more before driving back. Jill went out while I watched the game (another tough win), then it was auction time for me again. I grilled Thai lemon chicken for dinner, then we watched some Simpsons and Gavin and Stacey before Jill headed to bed.