National Book Festival and Clarendon Day

Friday night I was trying to finish some DVDs to give out copies on Saturday, but for some reason the video for the second disc would only record at half speed (some weird LP/SP thing, so I gave up, still going to bed late. That didn’t put me in a great mood when the scratching started later. There was a thunderstorm and Illa wasn’t happy about being put in the guest bedroom. He made so much noise I could hear him quite well through two doors and the fan going, so I tried some other techniques which didn’t work. Eventually I fell asleep on the floor (again).

When the alarm went off Saturday morning (I did make it back to bed eventually) I wasn’t happy, but dealt. A quick breakfast and I was on the road, soon at the Mall for the National Book Festival. Neil Gaiman was doing a reading from his new book and a q&a, and I arrived just in time. He was his usual funny and charming self, and too soon it was over. I picked up the book (otherwise it’s only on sale Tuesday) and headed out. – I was in the signing line the last two times he was there, and didn’t want to lose the 3-4 hours that would take this time.

Neil Gaiman at the National Book Festival

My next stop was Clarendon Day to check out Chelsea Lee with Todd Wright, good as usual with a nice Alan Parsons Project cover tossed in. I also had to hit the Eleventh Street Lounge for their duck rolls again – I’m baffled as to how I haven’t eaten there yet, sometime soon. I finally headed home, amazed that though the rain was on and off all day, I never really got rained on when I was outside walking around. I baked pork chops with apple slices and green beans while Jill made mashed potatoes and gravy. We caught up on some TV shows and had some lemon meringue and chocolate dipped strawberries she’d picked up for dessert.

Today was the usual – made DVDs, started eBay auctions, read the paper. Watched the Skins pick up a rare win in Dallas, that was exciting. I made a Thai garlic pork for dinner, turned out pretty well. Can’t believe another weekend is over so quickly – oh well.