Bachelor lifestyle

Jill was up in Pennsylvania at a review course for her boards since Thursday afternoon, so it was just me and the dog. I read lots of newspapers and watched a lot of TV Friday and Saturday, and did some eBay auctions and made DVDs on Saturday. I grilled lamb on Friday and made a BLT on Saturday – you can see how wild and crazy we get when left alone.

Today I actually made it out, as I met my dad at Largo Town Center in the morning and we headed over to FedEx Field to tailgate a bit (he brought beer, I brought brats) before heading into the Redskins game. I got the tix from a former coworker, and they’re awesome, 47 yard line, 12 rows up. Throw in a great game (and a win) and it was a good day. Jill was home by the time I got there, and Illa was happy to have both of us around. Some leftover pulled chicken for dinner as I was tired after spending a lot of time in the sun.