Delayed anniversary

Thursday was our actual anniversary, but not good to celebrate on a schoolnight. Besides, both Jill and I injured ourselves playing with Illa (both reinjuries of feet, I still have a limp from bending toes back). With Friday came the remnants of Hurricane Hanna, so it was fine to hang out at home and make carnitas for dinner. Jill was tuckered out and headed to bed, I read newspapers. Saturday I’d planned a big day out in DC including a fancy restaurant visit, but the unceasing rain dampened those plans. Instead we hung out in front of the TV most of the day, watching TV shows and movies and reading while concerts played. I made pulled chicken BBQ from scratch since I had the time, and we had a nice big dinner.

Sunday we didn’t do too much – I made a DVD and some more auctions. I had made reservations at Hooked, a seafood restaurant very close to us. I was trying to minimize my walking, but it had great reviews. We got there right on time, and were immediately escorted to a table with a reserved sign on it. I knew they had gotten raves for their crab cakes and sushi, so I knew what I wanted. Jill decided she wanted mussels, so we placed an order, and were quickly rewarded with food. Jill started with a mixed green salad while I had a seaweed salad, then we split the mini crab cakes. I’m from the DC area (lived in Virginia all my life) and I’ve had crab cakes everywhere, but these are hands down some of the best, succulent and with just a light breading, served with an exquisite remoulade.

Jill had her mussels Mediterranean style and enjoyed them. She also had sushi, an eel and avocado roll. I had two rolls, a New York Roll (salmon, cucumber, apples and mustard) and a Spicy Yellowtail Roll (hamachi, cucumber and spicy mayo), which went well with an Orion beer. For dessert we took advantage of the special, three for the price of two. I’m not a big tapioca pudding fan, so the choice of the other three desserts was an easy choice. They were also small, about three bites per person, perfect for us. Black Chocolate Truffle Cake was a flour-less cake, very good. NY Style Cheesecake was my favorite, but the Hot Apple Wrap (a hot, crispy spring roll filled with a compote of apples with raisins) was nearly its equal. Not only did we get out of there for a reasonable price (under $100 with drinks and tip), but they didn’t need to roll us to the car like some places that over feed us do.