Party Day weekend

Because we didn’t do a whole lot of laboring. Friday we relaxed, had some Chinese food (good stuff from Trader Joe’s) before hitting the sack. Saturday we headed out to the Shenandoahs in the early afternoon with the Jewells. Stuart’s dad has a house at Bryce, and had generously offered to put us up for the night. We prepped and cooked burgers and dogs, and then headed over to the Eddie From Ohio show nearby. A good show which included Stuart’s dad and his wife in the banter (since Robbie had met them at lunch) provided much entertainment late into the night.

Sunday we all went over to the Hotplate Cafe for breakfast. The food was ok (I had some scrambled eggs and bacon, Jill had pancakes), but the service was horrible – it was an hour from when we walked in the door to when we got our food (and there was 8 of us, but at least 5 tables that got there after us got theirs first). We headed home, and just as we got into Herndon I got a text from our neighbors Chris and Denise that they were having an impromtu party. Jill went out and got fruit salad makings and some desserts, and I brought some beer. We again had burgers and dogs (I didn’t mind), and hung out and played games outside until it got dark and we headed home (did have some stuff to do).

Monday I made some breakfast and read some of the newspaper and made a DVD before heading over to the Herndon Labor Day Jazz & Wine Festival. Jill was already there – she wanted to to the wine tasting while I just was there to hang with friends and listen to the music. It was fun, then we went over to the Jewells. Jill had made a Greek salad and they’d bought tasty pizza from Tony’s, and we chatted and ate until it got late. A busy but fun weekend – maybe next weekend we’ll rest some, though.