Harry and Angie

Friday was our night out. I headed down to Clarendon after work and browsed CDs ’til Jill came around. She got out early, and luckily Harry’s Tap Room was able to get us in early. It was Restaurant Week and we took full advantage. I started with a roasted pepper & crab soup that was served way too hot, but was delicious when it cooled, while Jill had a crab hash. We both had beef for the meal, grilled twin fillets with a Béarnaise sauce for me and a New York strip for her (and she loved the roasted garlic on it). We both had dessert (came with the fixed price meal), a ginormous cheesecake for me (seriously huge, I barely ate half) and a rustic peach-almond tart for her (she couldn’t finish hers either).

After dinner, we browsed a nearby bookstore, then headed over to Iota to see Angie Aparo (and saw him before we got there, as he was unloading his gear from a car nearby). He was great as usual, surprised us by doing an intermission. I never get tired of his older songs (especially Hush), but new songs like “Goodbye Serenade” and “Wreckage” were good to hear. As usual it was a pretty late show, didn’t get home until well after 1.

Angie Aparo

Saturday and Sunday were fairly busy. I did a lot of computer stuff, auctions and DVDs, and installed a FireWire card (the first hardware I’ve ever added, and boy was the case dusty). I did some cleaning, some cooking (meatball subs, crab cakes and burgers) and a lot of reading (lots to catch up on).