Another Extreme weekend

Friday I went grocery shopping, picked up some fresh fried chicken that went well with the farm fresh beans. The storms in the middle of the night were a problem as there came a scratching at the door. Illa didn’t use to have problems with thunder, but now he does. I went to comfort him and fell asleep on the floor petting him, took him out when I woke up, and went back to bed. That lasted until a power cycle set the UPS off, and I took that as a message to get up.

Saturday was a good day, starting with finishing off the season of Doctor Who (and my third ep in three days). Not everyone has loved it, but I enjoyed it, especially the guest stars (and I had to pause after “I can’t tell you what I’m thinking right now” because I was laughing too hard). I cleaned up the CD area and reordered them, then made pork fajitas with chipotle sauce for dinner.

I drove up to Baltimore to Rams Head Live, which was a good drive but I got screwed on parking since the garage above the club was full and the place a couple blocks away charged more than double what was mentioned on the website. The show was great, the new songs were good, and they tore through the old ones (I was really into “Cupid’s Dead” and “Am I Ever Gonna Change”).

Sunday we got a slow start, I made French Toast for both of us, then I got busy. I spent a fair amount of time figuring out that I can’t transfer videos from my video camera to my computer via USB, so I ordered a FireWire card. I cleaned downstairs, set up the tent to air it out, and took Illa on a long walk. I watched a movie while I kept cleaning, then made chicken with a hoisin sauce based sauce for dinner.