At last

I’ve had a camcorder since 2000 and have been recording concerts since then to DV tape (not to mention the number of concerts I have on VHS). But I’ve struggled to find some DVD authoring software to do what I want with them, namely have easy to make custom menus that behave in a certain way (tracks go directly into the next track after play, links automatically generated on the menu from tracks added). It’s amazing the number of hoops most of the major software make you jump through, but I’ve been determined to find something that will work. I’ve tried a number of software packages in the last couple of weeks, and finally found one that meets all my needs: TMPGEnc DVD Author 3. The wizard does exactly what I want, and it’s easy to use. I don’t know how long it will take me to go through my backlog, but I got one done tonight – it’s a start.