Concert traffic

Friday night we were both pretty tired, and after a quick dinner of formerly frozen chicken, we went to bed. Which helps explain why I was awake a little after 6AM Saturday morning, as after I answered the call of nature I just couldn’t get back to sleep. Illa and I had a nice walk in the woods as it was pleasant, just a little humid. I got a lot of stuff done, although three tries in I still haven’t authored a DVD the way I want – maybe I’ll try again next weekend.

In the evening we headed over to Nissan Pavilion to see the Dave Matthews Band with a stop at Baja Fresh on the way over. The traffic on the way in wasn’t as bad it was last year, which should have warned us of something (and it should get better as they’re widening Wellington Road). The show was great (in my top 5, out of 30) and will get its own post, but the sucky part was getting out, because we didn’t. We were in the farthest parking lot from the street, and even leaving before the encore began didn’t help, as we were stuck in place for 90 minutes (and what’s up with fans of an environmentally friendly band running their engines for so long?). We made the best of it, sitting on boulders and reading while we waited, although the carbon monoxide made the last couple minutes tough.

Today I didn’t get up quite as early because we got home so late, but I was still productive (not counting the DVD authoring), caught up on newspapers, started an auction and started prep for another, went on the elliptical machine and grilled burgers for dinner.