Books I’ve read, week twenty-four

44. V
Writer: A.C. Crispin
45. V: East Coast Crisis
Writers: Howard Weinstein and A.C. Crispin
As you can see from the next entry, it was a V week – I even got a reference book on eBay this week I’ve been looking for since 1985. The books are interesting – the first one is a novelization of both miniseries, while the second has the same timeline, but an entirely new cast as it’s set in New York City. The novelization seems like the author got the second miniseries as a script only and had to rush, as it’s a shorter section than the adaption of the first and is missing pieces. Still, it adds some nice characterizations. East Coast Crisis also feels somewhat rushed, and it suffers from not being familiar with the cast, but the plot is good, especially the fight at the end. V B- East Coast Crisis B-