Dancing with myself

Or not really dancing, but Jill had to be at Georgetown on call from 6AM Saturday to 6AM Sunday, so I was mostly by myself. I made a quick dinner Friday night, then she went to bed and I went over to join Stuart and Janice and check out Love Seed Mama Jump at Friday Night Live! I’m not a huge fan of cover bands, but Love Seed has their own flavor (and I’m now convinced “Country Roads” should only be played at double speed) and some of their own tunes (I’m partial to “She Likes the Dead”, about a girl who’s now a hippie chick, get your mind out of the gutter).

Saturday it was mighty hot, good day to stay inside, read and watch movies. I grilled some lamb for dinner, and with a wealth of live options (including Joan Jett and Jakob Dylan), went with Rusted Root and moe. at Wolf Trap. I’ve liked Rusted Root a long time (since I caught them opening up for Dave Matthews Band in ’94) and it was nice to see them again, since I forgot how much I enjoy the way they infuse their jam band songs with a world music beat. Great hearing all the old hits, thought the one that really grabbed me was their cover of “Suspicious Minds”. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for moe. – while they were talented, the music just didn’t grab me. When Michael Glabicki (from Rusted Root) joined them for a song it just emphasized it.

Today it was again hot – I’d considered hitting a comic book show and Everclear was playing a free show in Arlington, but it was just too hot. I did make it out for a friend’s child’s birthday party for a bit, then came back and camped out on the couch. I made a taco salad for dinner, now I think it’s past time for some ice cream.

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  1. Nope, headed out just before it hit. I saw lightning on the way to the parking lot and was glad I left when I did.

    Maybe you can explain to me – why didn’t more people buy pavilion seats, especially since it was only a $4 difference? I saw some folks try to sneak in and were caught by ushers and wondered if it was really worth it. Y’all should offer “instant upgrades” for the difference in price if there are available seats.

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