Wii Fit

It’s finally here, the accessory I wanted to buy the Wii for. I had to again rely on technology to get one (and you have to go to the page, the RSS feed doesn’t seem to be working), but it came Wednesday night. First impressions (after an hour): The balance games are cool, but there’s not enough of them (I’ve spent most of time on the skiing ones). I’ll probably purchase the skiing game soon. The strength training and aerobics give you a serious workout, and the yoga is strange, but that’s probably because I’d never done any before. Still, I need a kick in the ass to exercise, and hopefully this will incite me to keep going.

BTW, this helps explain why even though I went 0 for 6 looking for Wii Fit, I was 3 for 6 if I wanted a Wii.

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