Prince Caspian

Tonight we headed into the city to Mazza Gallerie to see The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I got advance passes (only one day, but they were free) from the fine folks at Entertainment Weekly and didn’t realize until I looked it up that we did the exact same thing for the last Narnia movie. We got there early enough to eat and I’d planned on getting sandwiches at Booeymonger. I got a Manhattan and Jill got a Steak Special. We ate while we people watched on Wisconsin, then headed over to the theater to get seats.

I’m not a fan of getting there early in general, less so when there’s more passes then seats (like most advance screenings), but we did and it wasn’t bad. Unlike last time, the theater wasn’t filled (we speculated that it was because this one had a darker tone and less kids wanted to see it). Jill was disappointed in the movie as she’s a huge fan of the books and this one deviated quite a bit in places (the first battle was invented for the movie) and the tone was too dark for her. Me, I thought it was great, better than the first. The battles are epic, and the casting is good (Eddie Izzard has a great part).