2 thoughts on “Movies I’ve watched, week eighteen”

  1. We just watched this last weekend after Iron Man. Same reason, had to prep for the second one. 2 of us had read the books so often we could damn near quote them. 1 had read them “a few times” and the fourth had never read them and never seen the film. The movie held up to a second viewing for me as well. My friend who has read them as often as I have said he liked it better the second time. He was a little disspointed the first time around b/c the book is not an action book, but the movie was. He didn’t really appreciate all the battle being onscreen. But he liked it this time out, and we’ll try to catch Prince Caspian opening weekend.

  2. I agree, I think I liked it a little better the second time. We’ll actually be catching Prince Caspian next Thursday, courtesy of the fine folks at Entertainment Weekly.

    One thing I didn’t mention is I think Tilda Swinton works better for me when she’s not playing a human. She looks very otherworldly and is perfect as the witch.

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