Books I’ve read, week eighteen

28. Incredible Hulk Visionaries – Peter David, Vol. 1
Writer: Peter David Artist: Todd McFarlane Issues collected: 331-339
Guess which auctions are coming up? This week and next I’m reading Peter David’s long run on the Hulk (161 issues). The start of his run also introduced an up and coming artist, Todd McFarlane. The first issues aren’t that great – David is saddled with previous storylines (Rick Jones is the Hulk when he starts), and McFarlane struggles early with how to portray the Hulk. B-

29. Incredible Hulk Visionaries – Peter David, Vol. 2
Writer: Peter David Artists: Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, and Jeff Purves Issues collected: 340-348
David gets control of the story, and McFarlane gets good takes on the Hulk and his gamma irridated enemy, the Leader. The Wolverine appearance is a classic, and the end of the storyline is great. B+

30. Incredible Hulk Visionaries – Peter David, Vol. 3
Writer: Peter David Artists: Jeff Purves, Alex Saviuk, and Keith Pollard Issues collected: 349-354
Following the last storyline, the Hulk is presumed dead, but there’s a big gray enforcer in Vegas. David makes a clean break from past storylines, and introduces some new supporting cast members. Not bad, but it lacks something having no Bruce Banner. B-