Books I’ve read, week seventeen

26. Shade the Changing Man: The American Scream
Writer: Peter Milligan Artists: Chris Bachalo and Mark Pennington
I read a number of other Shade comics as well (the book reprints the first six issues). I like Chris Bachalo’s art, but Peter Milligan’s script ultimately just feels weird for weirdness’ sake, unlike the Doom Patrol series about the same time. C

27. Lucifer Vol. 1: Devil in the Gateway
Writer: Mike Carey Artists: Scott Hampton, Chris Weston, James Hodgkins, Dean Ormston and Warren Pleece
A Sandman spinoff, and pretty decent (the only other ones I’ve kept are some of Bill Willingham‘s ones). The adventures of Lucifer on Earth, feels almost like Gaiman was writing. B

One thought on “Books I’ve read, week seventeen”

  1. The Lucifer stuff has good books and great books and meh books. I only own about half of them, but I’ll read the rest once I’ve got some more money. All in all, I think the series is worth it from what I’ve read, and it ties into a lot of Gaiman’s Sandman without feeling like it’s just hanging onto coat tails.

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