Books I’ve read, week thirteen

18. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Writer: John Berendt
I’d seen the movie years ago, but hadn’t read the book, and felt it was an appropriate thing to read by the pool in Savannah. Fast moving fiction/non-fiction blend. B-

19. Requiem (Star Trek:New Frontier: Book 9)
20. Renaissance (Star Trek:New Frontier: Book 10)
21. Restoration (Star Trek:New Frontier: Book 11)
Writer: Peter David
I started reading the Star Trek:New Frontier series last year (well, rereading the first four, then continuing on), nice for traveling since they’re paperbacks. Set within the universe we all know, but with a new crew and ship, Peter David shows a sure hand at mixing elements known and unknown, with his usual humor. B

22. The Damnation Game
Writer: Clive Barker
Downright disturbing, and unlike similar Stephen King novels no one to really root for, and a downbeat ending. Barker gets better later, but I won’t be picking this up again. C