Sick Irish weekend

Jill was sick last week, so on Friday my nose started running, of course (despite frequent doses of Airborne and Cold-Eeze). We didn’t have extravagant plans, though. I went grocery shopping and we had french onion soup (canned with me adding the bread and cheese, not bad) and Safeway’s house Chicken Kiev (on sale, pretty decent). No Super Mario this weekend (although Jill’s picking up the slack), I just tried to catch up on the paper Friday night.

Saturday it was lovely, made some bacon and eggs for breakfast and Illa and I went outside on the deck for hours. We had tix to the Shamrockfest or else we mighta skipped it, but we headed over to RFK. I’d told Jill it was like the HFStival, but she must have missed the part where I added the parking lot part only, as she’d thought there was somewhere to sit. There wasn’t and with the weather turning cold and wet and all the obnoxious drunks, she became progressively less happy as the evening progressed, and I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I’d like with my cold. Still we caught good sets from Love Seed Mama Jump and Carbon Leaf. I regretted leaving before Great Big Sea, but not so much as it was raining steadily on the ride home (plus they’re playing a co-bill with efo at Wolf Trap in August). I made a bean and bacon soup when we got home, it hit the spot.

Carbon Leaf at Shamrockfest

Sunday wasn’t quite as nice as Saturday, plus I had a lot of work to do. I had a new series of auctions to start (only 67) plus packaging, invoicing and shipping the ones from last week that ended. And I still found time to go out and read the paper on the deck with Illa in the afternoon, plus make a corned beef dinner. I know St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow, but Jill’s working late and thought she’d appreciate it more tonight – I don’t mind, we’ll just have Reubens tomorrow. Hopefully the cold will be gone by then as well.

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