Crow Mac, Non? Man!

Ok, it’s no secret that I like Sheryl Crow and Fleetwood Mac. So the news that she’s going to possibly take over Christine McVie’s spot in the band is awesome news. I’ve seen Fleetwood Mac twice, once with Christine McVie and once without, and while I’m enough of a Lindsey Buckingham fan to see him in any incarnation, they were better with more voices doing the harmonies. I think this could be a great live show.

So in 2008 we’ve got some good shows to look forwards to: Rush, Extreme (possibly touring with Aerosmith) and Robert Plant with Alison Krauss. Queen with Paul Rodgers maybe this year, maybe in 2009 (should be an announcement next week, but it could be only shows in Europe for now), then also in 2009 Led Zeppelin is a possibility when Alison Krauss gets back with Union Station, and now we’ve got Fleetwood Mac on tap. Nice.