Red light bargains

I’ll be honest – I used to like Eliot Spitzer. He had a great record of cleaning up on Wall Street as attorney general of New York, but he wasn’t making much national news since he ran for governor and won. Until now, of course.

But I won’t talk about him anymore now that he’s proven to be as much a hypocrite as any he railed against. No, I want to talk about “Kristen”, also know as Miss $2150 an hour. She apparently is an aspiring singer, with her own MySpace page (which may or not be up when you read this. Record executives weren’t kind:
I think her song is absolutely terrible. If people are interested in signing her, then they shouldn’t be in the music business.

She’s also got her tracks up at, which in itself is an fascinating portrait of internet interest as the site sells MP3s without DRM via variable pricing, ranging from free to $.98 based on current demand. Current price for these two songs? $.98 each, that’s $1.96 for both – a little over $18 an hour, not bad considering her prices for other services.