Movies I’ve watched, week ten

16. V – The Original Miniseries
I was a science fiction fan from a young age – the first movie I remember seeing was Star Wars. But the good guys and bad guys were clear cut, and the miniseries was the first thing I watched to introduce ethics, politics and morality, much like Battlestar Galactica does today. I wanted to watch it again because soon I’ll be reading the new book from series creator Kenneth Johnson, V: The Second Generation. The miniseries is a little dated in some ways (the FX is a product of its time), but it holds up. Shot in widescreen, the acting is decent, and the makeup is very good. I’ll probably watch the other miniseries and the TV show at some point and maybe re-read the books, but the new book only considers the first miniseries canon. B+

17. Borat
I wasn’t avoiding this, but I’m not a fan of the awkward humor of the Office or confrontational humor like Punk’d, and I was afraid this would be a mix of those. I actually found it closer to The Daily Show’s clueless interviewers, and it was pretty funny. B-

18. TMNT
I felt obligated to watch since I’ve got a friend who’s a big fan of the turtles, but the animation was pretty good, the cast was fine, and the story was nice. B