eBay record kinda weekend

I thought the 50 auctions I did a couple weeks ago was good, then last week I did 46. Not bad, but this weekend I crushed ’em both – 105 auctions, all X-Men and related comics. I’ve got one more decent sized one next weekend, then I’m going to cut back (but I’ll have made a sizable dent in the comics I don’t want anymore).

The weekend was ok – we knew the weather wasn’t going to be great, but Jill has an exam on Tuesday so she was studying. I spent lots of time taking pictures, getting descriptions ready, and starting the auctions, as well as packaging and shipping the winners from last week (at least I watched some movies while I did work downstairs).

Not bad for food – quick leftover fajitas Friday, I slow cooked a pork loin and made pulled pork Saturday, and grilled a steak tonight. I finally got to the last galaxy in Super Mario Friday, but didn’t finish – Jill got more time this weekend with it than I did. The only one unhappy with the weekend is Illa – we did play some and went outside today, but he hasn’t gotten quite as much playtime as he’d like.