A weekend on the computer

The usual Friday – a quick dinner (black bean soup with chicken). followed by an early bedtime for Jill. I was up for a while, cleaning up after Illa (the second day of some major intestinal distress), then playing some Super Mario.

Saturday was a busy day for me of posting DVDs on half.com, all the ones that have been or will be released. That took quite a while, then I made an alfredo sauce to go with the stuffed ravioli we had, I did it by taste and Jill called it my best yet. I started a fire after dinner and we read together until it went out.

Today I took Illa for a long outing, then Jill wanted to take me to breakfast at Waffle King’s Virginia Kitchen. It’s a Herndon tradition, but we rarely go out to eat locally – I like to cook, and we usually go out somewhere distant where I can’t. It was very good, I had the banana nut french toast while Jill had a pecan waffle. I finished reading papers on the porch, then spent all afternoon on the computer again, this time starting another series of auctions. I cooked ribs for dinner, came out very juicy after being basted with BBQ sauce while cooking. I spent the rest of the night shipping out half.com packages – I sold nearly 20 in 24 hours.