Super Sunday

Friday night was quick, frozen chicken kiev for me, frozen chicken with broccoli and cheese for Jill, canned fruit and green beans. Then she went to bed, and I read the paper and played Super Mario Galaxy. Saturday it was nice out, read the paper outside, started on my next book. For dinner and a show, we headed over to the Old Dominion Brewpub. I had the crab soup and a cobb salad wrap, Jill had the broccoli and cheese soup and a reuben and we watched Todd Wright play while we sat with Linda. Good show, but Jill was tired and we headed home where she went straight to bed and I played more Mario (I finished an entire dome in two night’s play, and am now halfway through).

Sunday I got up and Jill was already up studying. I took Illa for a run/walk, then hung out on the back deck for hours because it was gorgeous out. I went out in the afternoon since we’d been invited to a Super Bowl party at the Jewells, and did a big grocery run at Safeway. I made sliders, veggies and dip, and prohibition peanuts, then we headed over for the game. By the time I got the food ready, I’d missed two sets of commercials (thank goodness for DVRs), but didn’t miss my favorite (below). Jill was the only one really rooting for the Pats, and didn’t get her wish, but I got mine – an exciting game (c’mon, which do I dislike more – our rivals in the NFC East, or the guys who gave us the severe beating).