Movies I’ve watched, week four

5. Cars
Another Pixar picture, which means high standards. Unfortunately anthromorphizing automobiles doesn’t work nearly as well as toys, bugs, stuffed animals or rats (jury’s still out on robots). The story is decent, the cast is good and the animation is brilliant, but something’s missing. B-

6. Hudson Hawk
I don’t know if I could write a fantastic feature like My Year Of Flops, but if I did, this would be on it. This was one of those movies I was curious about, Bruce Willis’ first big movie after Die Hard 1 & 2. I knew it had bombed, but I had heard this was more in his Moonlighting style. It is pretty campy and absurd at times, but fun. I liked the Leonardo da Vinci piece at the beginning, and the cat burglars timing their robberies to songs. It also had a very early appearance by David Caruso as an odd spy. Not brain food, but a mostly enjoyable lark. C