Belgian brunch

Friday Jill made it home before me, and was relaxing on the couch when I got home. I changed and heated some wings and potato wedges while I sauteed spinach. Jill was soon in bed, and I was up late with Mario. Saturday was pretty relaxing, watching TV while getting shipping supplies read for my eBay auctions and reading the paper. For dinner Jill had bought some whole wheat pizza dough at Trader Joe’s and I made a pizza with that and some marinara I’d whipped up Thursday night while making meatball subs. Later we watched Cars, it was cute (though not up to the level of the other Pixar pics).

Today I got up earlier and took Illa for a long run/walk before reading the paper. I got ready just in time to go out. Our friends Dave and Hannah repaid our petsitting by taking us out to Brasserie Beck in DC for brunch. We arrived right on time, and got straight to the beer. Jill had a Bacchus and I had a Kasteel Rouge, on tap and the best choices of the day. We shared a charcuterie plate and some shrimp croquettes, and I had a side salad – all good. I had a roasted rabbit loin (marinated in Kriek beer) and Jill had the steamed mussels in a curry & apple broth (with a side of frites, natch). Mine was tender and scrumptious, and I can’t tell you how hers was, because I’m not a curry fan. I skipped dessert but helped Jill a little with her assorted ice cream and sorbets – yummy. Now I’m shipping all those eBay auctions (27 completed successfully) while Jill watches TV.