47000 Words

I’ve been a long time fan of the Washington City Paper, but that was as much due to their syndicated columns and comics as their local material. I don’t make it near the city (and thus their distribution range) as much as I used to, and the issue I just picked up seems listless, confimed online they’ve dropped most comics, and crucially cut Robert Ullman’s illos.

That’s disappointing, but I’ve realized they’ve been replaced by dcist.com. Lots of local coverage (Yes, some VA too), and the right attitude in my feed reader. They usually have a photo of the day, and recently ran a “DCist Exposed” contest to choose pictures for an exhibit. But this is the digital age, and you can all 47 picks here, for a considerably different look at the area.

This is my favorite:

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  1. I have a few friends who work at the City Paper. Last summer the paper was sold to some national company and fired the majority of the local staff. That’s the reason for the change you’ve noticed, it’s really not the same publication. Bummer.

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