The Great Kitchen Disaster of January ’08

Friday I got groceries on the way home, then made a spinach salad (craving one for some reason) and heated up a pizza for dinner. We were both pretty tired, didn’t stay up too late. We also slept in big time, 10 hours for me and 12 for Jill. We barely had any time, as we left at 4 for the Birchmere with the Jewells for our annual January Eddie From Ohio show. They’ve been doing three night stands there in January for a little while now, and we try and hit the Saturday one when possible.

We got there early enough that they weren’t letting people in, so we got drinks at the bar at chatted. We got an ok table and ordered food and drinks – Jill got a burger, and I tried the Reuben – ok, but a Reuben should come with Thousand Island dressing, and not require me to create one at the table. The opening act, Sons of the Never Wrong, sounded fine, but the stage antics made us laugh, and not in a good way. Good thing efo’s show was excellent, including new songs from Robbie and Mike, a Joe appearance, and some fine banter. Nice that it’s preserved for posterity as they were selling copies of the audio afterwards.

Sunday I had two big tasks. The first was start some eBay auctions, and that took a while. I didn’t finish until 5, and the first football playoff game was well underway. I caught up soon enough (figured the Pats would win over an injury depleted Chargers), and got into the second quarter of the Packers/Giants frozen clash when I started reading the recipe of the meal Jill had requested, then realized if I finished watching the game then, we’d be eating after 11, so I got started cooking.

And we still ate after 11, but that was partly due to the Great Kitchen Disaster, in which our hero placed a saucepan full of veggies and sauce on a corner of the sink, and you can guess what happened next. That only set me back 45 minutes, but it still was late when we ate. Jill pronounced it worthy of the wait, but it might be another 2-3 years again before it rears its lengthy head.

Thankfully we both had Monday off, so a late night was ok, and I finished watching the game while Jill read. Nice to have three days of sleeping in, but I did have to get going today as I had a massage, then ran a couple errands. I finished off the newspapers, then got in a good couple hours of Super Mario Galaxy. Jill made ravioli for dinner, and now she’s playing Harry Potter while I write this.