Movies I’ve watched, weeks one and two

One thing the TV strike has freed up is more time to watch new stuff. Not too much, as the return of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert is still a much watch (even in their reduced state), and I picked up the Superman and Batman animated series (the Paul Dini led classic). But I still have time for movies, and I want to chronicle those in addition to the books I read.

1. The Departed
A fun ride, definitely shows you Scorsese’s still got it. The ending left me cold, though. B-

2. Children Of Men
Now this is a great movie. Of course I love science fiction, but this is a fascinating future we could face. Clive Owen is just great, and the scene in the camp at the end is just stunning. Very much like Blade Runner, the film just drops you in the middle and you have to figure some of it out for yourself. I think this should have won the Oscar over The Departed. A

3. The Simpsons Movie
Criticized by some as a long episode, I thought it was brilliant. More laugh out loud pieces than they’ve been able to achieve recently, and a storyline that actaully made sense. Plus emotional resonance! B+