Ze weekend

Not too much happened.

Ok, I can’t be that brief, there was some fun. Friday was short, Jill was working late. Saturday was good, watched some football and cleaned up before heading over to my company party. This year they held it at Lansdowne, and it was fairly swanky. The food was good, and we got to enjoy casino night. Jill played craps for the first time. and I made lots of money at roulette. Only play money, and that’s ’cause at the end Jill wanted to leave, and I kept putting everything on 2-1 and 3-1 payoffs and kept hitting. I gave all the money to a coworker, but he didn’t end up winning anything. Sunday was lazier, watched the football championships and the Simpsons Movie and read comics. Jill ran a lot of errands, and I made a Buffalo chicken salad for dinner.