Ecstasy and agony

Friday I was supposed to go grocery shopping after work, but didn’t feel like it. Jill had mentioned craving Indian on New Year’s Eve, so I looked to see what place were around, and found Hot Breads, an Indian bakery. I went there and picked up a number of items, then made some spinach to go with, and was ready shortly after she got home. We both enjoyed it, but it was very filling. Jill was wiped, and I stayed up reading and playing Super Mario. Now I’ve got a very severe case of Nintendo thumb, finally getting back to normal tonight.

Saturday we slept in, I got up for the dog then made breakfast. I had a haircut in the afternoon, then hit the pet food and grocery stores before heading home. Watched the ecstasy and agony that was the Skins playoff game, then finished cooking a roast for dinner. I made a Yorkshire pudding to go with it, but it didn’t turn out anything like Mom’s. I wasn’t interested in any more football this weekend, and I spent the rest of the night reading books while Jill got deeper into Harry Potter on the Wii.

Today I got up, made breakfast, and went out on the deck to read the paper. After I finished I went in the woods to clear the thorn bushes off the path I walk Illa on back there, then walked him (he was very upset to watch me back there without him from the porch). I grilled pork chops for dinner, then contacted the winners of my eBay auctions and got the packages ready for shipping.