Last weekend of the year

I was happy to get home Friday, and not just ’cause it was the weekend. The Jewells had invited us and our friend Susan over to relive the cruise, and were doing one of their classic steak and martini nights to celebrate. Stuart had finished the DVDs of efo’s set, and had copies for each of us as gifts. It was a long fun night, ending with a Wii faceoff in bowling and tennis, and only a short walk home.

That was the most social we got, as Jill worked the next two nights. Saturday morning I was up a at a reasonable hour as we had a chimney cleaner out to clean the chimney and dryer vent. It went fine – however while we was here I slipped going down the stairs and fell on my ass. My back was wonky all day afterwards.

Jill was busy working on her research project, and I was reading the paper and watching some TV during the day. I made pizza and salad for dinner, then she headed out, and I did what any bachelor does – finish putting away my comics and get a pile ready to send out on eBay, then get farther into Super Mario Galaxy (sad, I know, but it hurt to move too much).

Today I started with a big walk for Illa, then finished watching Music and Lyrics, a cute Hugh Grant/Drew Barrymore rom-com. I helped Jill with some word processing issues, then took several hours to get my auctions, stopping to put together a quick dinners of veggies, pita & hummus and shrimp.

I didn’t start watching the big game until it was almost over – I love DVRs. Turned out the Redskins didn’t need to win with the Vikings and Saints both winning, but it’s better not to back into the playoffs. And the Cowboys were going all out the first half, but to no effect. Amazing but weird season, and now they’ll be in Seattle on Saturday battling for the big prize, with Dallas again if they win that.

Just finishing up here after I remembered to make my year end donations, now the dog wants to play, then maybe more Mario.