Happy Xmas

Friday Jill got home early and we had leftover pasta for dinner, both went to bed early as we were wiped. Saturday was mostly spent inside, watching TV (including For Your Consideration, had its moments, but already my least favorite Christopher Guest film) and reading comics. We had leftovers for dinner before Jill worked a night shift and I wrapped presents while watching Battlestar Galactica: Razor (pretty well done, and I enjoyed seeing the old series hardware).

Sunday we both slept in, she a little bit longer. I’m trying to bag and box my comics, but I’m about eight months behind (the older ones were boxed). I thought I might catch up over the long weekend, but I’m about to run out of bags and I’m not even close to done. Sunday night we headed out to Jammin’ Java for Todd Wright‘s annual Christmas shindig (this year he called it the Santa Claus-ter-f@%). We got there before the early show (another band) had finished filtering out and were first in line, a good thing as there were no chairs on the floor, only the handful in the “balcony” (if that word applies when you’re only a foot higher than everyone else). We were able to get chairs for both us and a couple friends who arrived later, and had plenty of time for our usual (half sandwich with a cup of chili and a side salad). The show was great, more guest vocalists than ever, almost every Christmas song we could want, and marks the first time we’ve ever only just done Christmas shows in December (helps that we only went to two shows).

Monday was pretty light, only went out to buy groceries. Jill had a vision for dinner of prime rib and potatoes, I broiled the prime rib but she did everything else. She went to a church service in the evening, and we watched Happy Feet (very cute, and practically a musical). Today we slept in once again (nice to do it so much) and hung out until it was time to go to Mom’s. Unfortunately Jill’s car died about half a mile out, and even though it started again we elected to play it safe and go back and switch cars.

We’d brought Illa, and the second Mom’s dog, Tati, saw him, chaos ensued. They were jumping on each other, running around and getting dirty. We brought them in and cleaned them off (Sharon had arrived – with her cat) and waited for Dad. When he arrived, we got the dogs and went for a walk around the neighborhood (not a bad idea but maybe next year we’ll do it between dinner and dessert). Mom had quite a spread, ham, baked potatoes, salad and homemade applesauce. For dessert there was tiramisu, fudge and cookies. We opened gifts after everything was cleaned up, with animals released from their areas at various points (no dog/cat interaction). I made out well, a pile of books from my wishlist from my folks, some great movies from Jill (as well as an upcoming trip, more about that later) and the game I really wanted from my inlaws. After we got back, we took Jill’s car to the mechanic – I’ll be busing it tomorrow.

A very Merry Christmas to everyone!