I watched Idiocracy recently. It’s the latest film from Mike Judge (responsible for Office Space, Beavis and Butt-head and King of the Hill) and set 500 years in the future where the human race has bred itself for stupidity and is on the fast track to extinction. Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph are ordinary people from 2005 who awaken from stasis and are our windows into the future.

It’s a broad social satire on our culture, and I can see why it wasn’t given a wide release – heavy criticism of corporations is not welcomed these days. It’s not as great as Office Space, but it does have some pretty funny moments (mostly in a Jackass way), and Maya Rudolph is the best thing about it. The possible destiny of the human race is disturbing, and you’re left with the urge to do something, kinda like An Inconvenient Truth. It’s the only movie where when I finished it, I wanted to read a book, any book, just to prove I could.

If you’ve already seen the flick, you might enjoy getting your hands on a can of the thirst mutilator.

One thought on “Idiocracy”

  1. I could have sworn that was on my netflix queue.

    It’s at the top now. Knew I wanted to see this when I saw a clip of the ‘diagnose yourself through pictograms’ interface in the hospital scene.

    Gotta love the pictogram for giving birth.

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