A full week in review

Because I feel like it, I haven’t blogged too much recently. It was a bit of an odd week, as Jill was working late into the night most days, so I was left to my devices more than usual. Monday was the last Chuck and Heroes – ok Chuck but great Heroes (SPOILER ALERT: Tim Kring said on the live G4 thing that both Peter catching the virus and Nathan getting shot were the added things to wrap up the storyline before the strike). I was cleaning up during this as we were having the carpets cleaned the next day, and was so late making myslef a hamburger for dinner that Jill got home and polished the remnants of her dinner before I started eating.

Tuesday was a day for being careful downstairs as the carpets were still damp. I had stopped at Safeway and picked up some cheap frozen sole stuffed with lobster and shrimp, which went nicely with the asparagus that needed using up. Wednesday Jill was working late, and I had bought some inexpensive lamb chops. I braised the lamb, then made a marjoram, garlic and white wine sauce and warmed some mashed potatoes. Frankly, one of the best meals I’ve had in a while – it’s a shame Jill doesn’t like lamb. I also had a nice scare with Illa. It had been snowing (lightly) most of the day, and Illa was raring to go bounding through the snow. I have his harness attached to an old belt which broke apart when we were outside and he got loose. Luckily we were in the woods, and he came back after several minutes of galloping around like crazy.

Thursday I went easy with left over turkey and bean soup (had a pretty good football game to watch), while Friday Jill was home for dinner and we had the final leftovers of turkey and trimming. TV during the week was fantasy all the way. For HD watching (in front of the TV) I watched Pan’s Labyrinth – very good, but I’m not sure if I’d watch it again. For kitchen watching I watched Tin Man, the Wizard of Oz update on Sci Fi. I had planned on seeing it, but then the reviews I read weren’t kind, and was going to pass until a coworker called and asked me to record it about a minute before the last showing of Part 1, and I got caught up in it. Pretty decent reworking, anf there were some really clever bits.

Saturday was pretty relaxing, mostly read the paper, tried to finish up the selection for my new Artists To Watch and starting the Christmas mix. In the evening we headed over to a housewarming party, and spent several hours grazing and chatting with friends. Sunday was similar, except there was also a long walk and the danger and excitement of getting a Christmas tree. I mean that, because I tried to secure the tree to the car with bungee cords. The rear one was fine, but the front one snapped off and gave me a nasty welt on my left cheek (no cracks about turning the other one), luckily nowhere near the eye.