Thanksgiving weekend

Thursday Jill had the kitchen prep to do as she’d volunteered to make mashed rutabaga and mashed turnip for Thanksgiving. I got up, took Illa for a long walk, then got ready. We met Mom at East Falls Church Metro, and she decided she wanted to drive over to Dad’s. We got there around 2:30, and I took 5 minutes to enjoy the nice warm weather on his dock before I went inside and started helping with dinner. My sister Sharon had invited a friend of hers and a family from El Salvador (whom we didn’t know what to expect from, but they were fine), and they were all out on the boardwalk while we finished getting dinner ready. We had quite a spread, turkey with all the trimmings, green beans, fruit salad with a vinaigrette, rolls and olives. We had 5 pies for dessert, and decided not to crack open the store bought ones (sweet potato and pumpkin), which left us with Mom’s pies: pecan, apple and pumpkin. I had some of the pecan and apple, very tasty as usual.

While we ate, the rain had come and brought a cold front, so we didn’t go outside (Dad’s deck was torn up as he was replacing it). Sharon and her crew had to leave as the family had later plans, and we didn’t stay much longer, as both Mom and Jill had to work the next day. We had a crazy dog when we came home, and I played with him a while and watched TV and Jill went to bed.

Friday I had to get up somewhat early and walk Illa over to the vet for some blood work and vaccines (most scheduled, but I found a tick on him several days back). That was a fun time in the waiting room, as he tried to get to every other dog and cat there (and he was mesmerized by the yowls of a cat being treated). I headed out after we got back home, then tried some of the Black Friday madness, didn’t find what I was looking for at Circuit City or Best Buy, but did hit the motherload of beer at Total Wine. I went to the googleplex to watch Beowulf, then hit Safeway to pick up another turkey (no leftovers from Dad’s) then fed some friends cats who were away. I made a lasagna for dinner while watching TV. After dinner Jill went to sleep (had a very long day), and I read and watched more TV.

Saturday I slept in, made breakfast, then started brining the turkey. We cuddled on the couch while watching Weird Al shows (yes, we’re strange), then Jill went out and I rinsed off the turkey and started roasting it with the 2 hour recipe (I know the brining called for an hour per pound, but it also said too little is better than too much) and made stuffing. I took a break while Jill mashed the potatoes, then came back when it was done and added the stuffing (if it can’t cook with it in, it can still keep warm with it in), then Jill made gravy. I got everything ready, then we dug in. Honestly, it was better than Thursday – the turkey had crisp skin but still was nice and juicy, and the stuffing was just how I liked it. Jill was done, but I stayed up a little longer reading.

Sunday I got up and Illa wanted to head out, so we did. I was surprised it was nice enough to go out in just a tshirt, so after we got back I swept off the deck and raked the leaves in the front before I made breakfast and had it on the deck. After the disappointing football game, I went online for a bit before grilling kielbasa for dinner and making spinach and a mustard sauce. Fair amount of TV watched this weekend, including a fair amount of South Park and Drawn Together (I hadn’t watched them in several seasons, but I’ve got time with the strike), finishing off my TV shows, Team America:World Police, and tonight I started Hogfather, which is good so far (I really like Michelle Dockery as Susan).