Boston in DC

This weekend was the wedding of a friend of ours who has relocated to Maryland from Boston, so we got to see a lot of friends from Boston this weekend. We were invited to the rehearsal dinner Friday night at Chef Geoff’s Uptown. We got there a little early and no one was there, so we went to the nearby Balducci’s and did some shopping (grapefruit cheaper than Safeway?) before returning to the restaurant. Another person, Grace, had shown up, so we went back into the room they’d reserved and chatted with her over drinks before others started showing up, including Chris and Jess. It was a fun evening, and the food was good (we’ve been to the downtown one several times, and this one was better since the noise at the bar didn’t approach experimental scramjet levels), but eventually headed home as Jill was tired from the week.

She got up early Saturday to go dress shopping while I slept in. I took Illa for a long run/walk before getting ready. We made good time to DC, but hit some construction traffic in the city and sat down for the wedding only moments before the first bridesmaid came in. But it was fine, and the ceremony featured something I’d never seen before. The bride (Amy) and groom (Chris) had met in the Rockville Brass Band and the band played the music at the wedding. Midway through the ceremony, they brought out a trumpet for Chris and a tuba for Amy, and they played with the band.

Chris and Amy

The ceremony afterwards was at Amy’s parents’ house in DC. It’s a big place, but they had a heated tent in the backyard. It was nice catching up with everyone, as well as some new folks. Later in the evening, some of us went off to Dogfish Head as Wiley (from Boston) is a huge fan. We had a couple beers and hung out for a while, but were first to leave as by the time we got home Illa had been left alone for over 9 hours (thankfully he held it).

Sunday Jill was up early to study (she’s got an exam Tuesday), but I slept in a little longer. I got up and ready, then we met up with Chris, Jess, their daughter and his mom at Tallula in Clarendon for brunch. Great food (you couldn’t mention jalapeno hollaindaise without my ears perking up) and we had a nice long meal there. We headed home after a quick at my fave place, Jill to study and me to take Illa for a long, deer flushing (4 times) walk in the woods before I watched the (close) loss to the Cowboys. We went over to some friends we’ll be cat sitting for this week and caught up for a bit, then I made pasta for dinner.