Dar and laziness

Friday we went out in the wet weather for a cocktail party celebrating the new location of United Wellness, in their new location at Herndon Parkway Crossing (across from the Giant). The digs were nice, it was good talking to those folks outside of office stuff, and it was catered by Big Bowl.

Saturday we slept in nicely, I lazed away the afternoon (except for a run/walk with Illa). We met up with friends at the Birchmere for a bachelor/bachelorette shindig at the Dar Williams show. My friend Chris had flown down from Boston, and we went to his mom’s house to socialize before they started letting people in.

Jill and I headed over first to stake a claim on a table, then ordered some spinach artichoke dip. The thing about the (overpriced) Birchmere food is to only get appetizers, salads, pizza, burgers and sandwiches. We followed our own advice, burger for Jill and a pepperoni pizza for me and a pitcher of Windmer Hefeweizen for the table.

We were treated to the funny, quirky Dar we know and love. She was in fine form, even breaking out “Wilder Than Her” for the first time in the 10+ times I’ve seen her (and forgetting the lyrics, but it was fine). I enjoyed the “Witches double” of new song “Holly Tree” and “The Christians And The Pagans” and found “The Hudson” more moving this show.

Sunday and today were just totally lazy. I’d picked up a minor cold and it was nice to just let it run its course while I caught up on media: papers and shows since I’d been away, but I also nearly cleaned out the DVR (finally watched the last four eps of Eureka) and started in on last month’s comics. Jill made chicken and wild rice soup for dinner last night, and I made pork chops tonight. Three day weekends are nice – can’t wait for next week’s four day one.