So I’m going on a cruise tomorrow, without Jill. She’d love to come, but her schedule is non-negotiable because of clinicals (except for two weeks of vacation next year, and we just found out she’ll get Thanksgiving off). I wasn’t willing to miss it – it’s the 5th eddie from ohio cruise, and likely the last, and we’d been on the last three (which made us decide we liked to cruise with people we knew, don’t care about the ships). I’m staying with our friend Stuart (his wife Janice is staying with their daughter, on her first cruise – they’re small cabins), and will stay through Monday in Tampa for work.

I’ve been checking out the weather since tropical storm Noel is currently on a path towards Florida, and it seems I’m not likely to be affected. I did find some information on the message boards. A number of ships (not mine unfortunately) have GPS beacons and web cams so you can track them from anywhere.