Friday I hurried home and turned some Hot Pockets into a quick meal (they work better if you slice them so they fold open) so Jill could head out, and I went out shortly after, to see Porcupine Tree at the State Theatre. I’d seen the same opening band when I saw them in Baltimore, and wasn’t impressed, so I tried to time it exactly, but got there a little later than planned and missed a couple songs. But the rest of the show was outstanding, and the material off their new EP was really good.

Dar party

Saturday was filled with cleaning, as we were hosting a party for the new Dar Williams DVD. Her record company had asked for volunteers, and I’d offered, thinking it would be a fun evening. We asked people to bring potluck, and were pleasantly surprised by the variety of food. Stuart stood out for his celebration of “Folktoberfest” – he brought many kinds of brats, fresh sauerkraut and bread from the German Gourmet, and we ate hearty. The DVD was good, a sampler of the real thing, here’s a taste:

By the time everyone left and we finished cleaning, it was close to midnight and we were wiped. My sleep was disturbed several times by raccoons, who fortunately didn’t get into our trash can. Today I slept in, took Illa on a long walk just before the disappointing game, then made a stir fry dish using pork chops, Chinese broccoli and oyster sauce. Now some dessert, then to finish the paper.