I’ve given into the console

No, not Halo 3, I finally purchased a Wii (although there was a marked lack of enthusiasm from Jill as she was trying to get me one for my birthday. Sorry, babe, technology was on my side). I haven’t bought a console since I got the original 8 bit one (I still have it in it’s original box), but the Wii caught my attention by offering game play I wouldn’t be able to sit down for (of course it already has a name). I find it so hard to find motivation to exercise, and I figure if I have games that won’t let me sit down to play them correctly, that will help (there is evidence it will).

So far, I’ve tried baseball, tennis, and bowling, all pretty fun, although I think baseball makes you swing too late. May try some more tonight. I’m also eagerly awaiting future hardware and software, including Wii Fit (there’s got to be a snowboard game for it soon), an updated Dance Dance Revolution (you use your hands as well) and of course the obvious use of motion sensors.

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