Unlabored weekend

The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy on purpose. That crick in my neck developed into my head being pulled down and to the left, so the week was totally a pain in the neck, and I couldn’t get in to see my chiropractor or massage therapist until next Wednesday. So while Jill had a busy weekend finishing a project, I sat around and read comicsand newspapers and watched TV on Saturday. I made a quick trip out that afternoon to get my car from the bus station, stopped at Target to get a CD, then went to Safeway and picked up some pork kebabs for dinner, which we enjoyed outside with some black beans and rice and a watermelon/pineapple salad.

Sunday, more comics and movies, plus a new fun thing for me – a runny nose (although my neck was feeling better, must have been the muscle relaxants I drank). So plenty of fluids and Cold-Eeze, and my portion of the BBQ sauce I made for the pork ribs I grilled was extra hot.

Monday was the annual Herndon Labor Day Jazz & Wine Festival, and I got free tix for doing that quickie website. Unfortunately Jill still wasn’t done with her project, so we only went for a little while, but we caught up with some friends, and she saw some classmates. I made BLTs for lunch (so good with fresh tomatoes) and reheated pizza for dinner while I made a salad. More comics read, all done with my pile (those were waiting for me to reread the stories in the hardcover). On the plus side, my neck’s feeling better and my cold feels like it’s ending.