The Indigo Cuban

Friday we didn’t do much, I made a quick frozen pasta dinner. There was someone playing near us, but Jill was wiped, and I wasn’t too far behind her.

Saturday we went to Silver Spring, where my sister’s living now. First we stopped nearby, to pick up some tix to Sunday’s Indigo Girls show I picked upon Craigslist, then went to her apartment, where my mom and dad soon showed up. Sharon served us some chips and salsa and we chatted for a while, then drove over to Cubano’s, which seemed to be the best reviewed place in the neigborhood. I had the Mi Tierra, a combo sampler (I liked the chicken best) while Jill had a Cuban sandwich and soup. We had considered going out afterwards, but the thunderstorms discouraged us. We went home and I saw the first pro football game I can recall called for rain.

Sunday the crick in my neck I’d had Saturday erupted in pain every time I turned my head, but I forged ahead. I made biscuits for breakfast because I’d been craving them and took Illa for a walk, then camped out on the couch. I wasn’t much in the mood for a concert, but we had fun anyway. We picked up some Popeye’s on the way, then met up with our friends Meg and Mackenzie and some of their friends and had a good time picnicing. We were really there for the opening act, Girlyman, and they were their funny, harmonious selves. We stayed for about half of the Indigo Girls, but they were doing mostly newer songs we didn’t know, and Jill wanted to get home before 10 so she could go to bed, so we missed Girlyman joining them.