Live Earth Antarctica

One of the intriguing things about the upcoming Live Earth concerts is they have concerts planned on all 7 continents. Of course the US and UK shows are vying for supremacy, and the rest of the world is ok, but I was curious about what they could do on Antarctica. I wonder no more:

OK, so they’re not rock stars. But scientists with the British
Antarctic Survey will guarantee Al Gore’s promise that the Live
Earth concerts on July 7 will be performed on all 7 continents.
They’ll be performing during the dead of winter at the Rothera
Research Station. In fact, it’ll be the first time anyone outside
the station has heard the indie rock-folk band, Nunatak, play at
(Nunatak, by the way, is a Greenlandic word that means an exposed
summit of a ridge mountain or peak within an ice field or glacier.)
The band’s live audience won’t be very big, either. Just the 17
colleagues who are manning the station during the harsh Southern
Hemisphere winter….

I think I’ll be wishing for that kind of chill when I’m in New York…

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  1. Definately the coolest of the shows. I wonder if they do a cover of ‘Ice Ice Baby’?

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