Home improvement weekend

So we’ve been dealing with the annoyances from the new fridge this week. The icemaker and filter I ordered came on Monday, but I spent Monday night deciphering the instructions and trying to figure out what additional parts I needed. Tuesday I was at Mika, then Wednesday I went to Home Depot on the way home (after stopping at Best Buy to pick up the rerelease of the Traveling Wilburys CDs and the new John Lennon tribute), staying a bit longer then expected as I got trapped by a thunderstorm. Thursday I went to a happy hour after work, and Friday night I felt like relaxing, read papers and heated up a store bought meatloaf. It’s weird, I think it’s been about a decade since I last had meatloaf, I should get Mom’s recipe.

So it was Saturday by the time I finally got to install the icemaker. That was partially by design, as I didn’t want a potential leak during the night, but it’s been a pain the past week. The water line that went to the old fridge neither the installers or I could turn off, so we’ve had it draining into a cooler, and turning off the main water as often as we could. Ironically the icemaker in the old fridge hadn’t worked in years. The first thing I did was to connect the water line to the new filter, which was an interesting job as water was still coming out of the copper line I had to cut. The pressure coming out wasn’t enough for the filter, as there was no water coming out now. Good, because I could leave the water on, but bad because I couldn’t think of a way to fix it. I spent the rest of the afternoon installing the icemaker, untested as of yet. Saturday night I grilled steaks and did some serious TV watching and comic reading. Jill’s midterms start tomorrow – guess what she did all weekend?

Sunday I slept in, walked Illa, then ran errands, including a third trip to Home Depot in a week. I spent the rest of the afternoon repairing some blinds, and assembling some gifts for my parents. I bought plastic tubing and more filters that wouldn’t require the same pressure, but didn’t feel like tackling that job today. I did assemble an eBay auction of Fantastic Four comics after I grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner, but won’t start it until tomorrow, as not only is it getting late (and I just finished it) but I’ll be out next Sunday night and home early on Monday.