Grand Mals

Friday I got home in time to have a quick meal of leftover ribs before we went off to see Lucy Kaplansky at the Barns of Wolf Trap. Jill was a little miffed to be going out right before her final, but she was the one who asked to go many months ago, and was ok when we got there. I was glad we got to see the opener, Craig Cardiff, as he did some cool looping (particularly on “That Band”). Lucy was good as usual, I hadn’t realized she’d put a new album out, will have to get that before FRFF. Jill was sson headed for bed to get up way too early, and I stayed up and read way too late – it’s a wonder we didn’t meet heading in opposite directions.

Saturday Jill wa back from her final before I got up. I took Illa on a long walk in the afternoon right as it started raining. I was thinking of going to see Gin Blossoms play a free show in Crystal City, but decided cool and rainy is not my preferred weather for outdoor shows. Instead, I watched the first Spider-Man movie before heating up some chicken Cordon Bleu and making spinach, then I headed out around 10 with my friend Linda.

Getaway Car was playing Ned Devine’s, and I hadn’t seen them in a while. I missed the first song, but caught the rest of all three sets. It was a treat, as that’s the longest I’ve seen them play. The drummer for the show was Nate Brown (formerly of Everything) and he was great, but the highlight for me was the large number of covers they pulled out. They played the usual (“She Said” and a tease of “Back On The Chain Gang” during “Kingdom Crumbled”), but also some new ones that are perfect for them: “American Girl”, “I Want You To Want Me”, and an amazing version of “Little Wing” with Nate on vocals.

Evn though Jill was asleep long before me, we got up around the same time on Sunday. I was soon out the door after breakfast. I was working at CHAAMP‘s annual Book, Bake & Plant sale in Arlington, mostly as cashier. It was a great day to be hanging around outside. I did not bring Illa (he needs two of us if he’s in a car), but I got to meet a lot of nice Mals, and I picked up a couple things for myself before helping to clean up at the end. Afterwards I ran errands (including stopping at my fave CD store), even shopping for clothing (this weekend I realized I only have two pairs of shorts that are acceptable to wear in public). I got home at 7 to discover Jill was out. I played with Illa ’til she got home, then made shrimp and rice for dinner. Then I watched Spider-Man 2 while I packaged some auctions up (I may go see Spider-Man 3 in IMAX with co-workers this week). Jill’s in bed now – she’s got her last final tomorrow morning, then she’s got a two week break before the summer session starts.