Three concert weekend

Friday Jill and I both got home at 6:30 – just enough time to walk Illa and eat something quick before heading over to the Barns at Wolf Trap to see Christine Lavin. We’d seen her there a couple years back, and last summer at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. She was funny and sweet, and luckily even though we were in the front row, we did not get picked for any on stage shenanigans. Jill was wiped and went straight to bed, and I stayed up and surfed for a bit. One good thing was finding a pair of tix to Sunday’s Stop Global Warming show.

Saturday I got up and jumped online to look at DMB tix. I only saw seats in the 200 sections, then the seated area was gone. Pretty fast, good thing I get tix through the Warehouse. Later, I headed into DC to pick up the tix for Sunday’s show. I was out of cash and needed $30, so I had the genius idea to stop at the East Falls Church Metro to hit the ATM since those dispense $10 dollar bills. Or it would have been genius if it was like the West Falls Church station and it had an ATM, but I swung by Ballston to an ATM their, then got back on the road to the Foggy Bottom station, where I met my contact.

Next, I headed to Clarendon to Iota to check out part of the Six Points Music Festival. The draw for me was emmet swimming‘s Todd Watts playing solo. I chatted with him for a bit, then got a beer and watched the show. Margot MacDonald opened, and there was a strange dichotomy between the 15 year old on stage and her voice, which was very reminiscent of Evanescene’s Amy Lee. Check out her page and you may agree – try “Torn”.

Next up was Todd, who played a couple songs solo, then brought up Dave Strickland to play accordian on some more (and even a solo). “Listen To The River” was good, even though it missed Tamer’s bongos, “Angels Tonight” is always an inspired choice of covers, and “Coming Home” is his best Quitter UK tune. A little surprising he didn’t play Arlington since he was there, but I can deal with not hearing it every time.

Mike Holden was up next for a good set, but his music wasn’t what I’ll remember about his set. There were a couple toddlers in attendance, at one point distracting Todd as they went to play together. Toward’s the end of Mike’s set, one of the kids started to cry. “Can’t you quiet that kid” he asked. The woman rolled her eyes and headed towards the back of the room. “That’s ok, it’s my wife and daughter”, he said “I’m going to get in trouble for that later. Honey, are we going to argue in the parking lot or at home?” “At home” came out from the back, to laughter.

I stopped by Total Wine afterwards since we were almost out of beer, and Office Depot because I was out of shipping labels and scotch tape, then headed home. Jill was hungry, so I made Reubens for dinner, then read the paper until Jill came down and we had some dessert, then watched 24.

Sunday I got up and took Illa on a long walk since I knew we had a busy day ahead of us. I made some breakfast, took a shower, and started some auctions, then it was time to go. Jill was being inducted into Sigma Theta Tau, the Honor Society of Nursing, and had to get there early. We got there with plenty of time, and the ceremony went off without a hitch. We hung around a bit at the reception afterwards, then it was only a short trip from Georgetown to GWU.

I’d bought the tix for the Stop Global Warming show without knowing how long the induction would be on the chance we could make it, and we made it there with plenty of time. When I found out Sheryl Crow was coming to DC on Earth Day, I was pretty psyched – I’ve been to some nice concerts on the Mall for Earth Day. That it was part of the Stop Global Warming tour was ok, but then I found out last week the tix were for students and faculty only. So I kept my eyes on Craigslist, finding one that was a little too pricey, but the one I found Friday night was just right.

So we found seats in the Smith Center and got drinks, then settled in. It started with a presentation from Laurie David, Larry David’s wife, and one of the producers of An Inconvenient Truth. She was ok, but I like I little music with my speechafyin’. I got that next, as Sheryl Crow came out Tim Smith, her longtime guitarist, anbd a pair of with acoustic guitars to sing “A Change Would Do You Good and “Everyday Is A Winding Road”. Then Carole King joined them to sing “I Feel The Earth Move”. After that, Larry David came out and gave us some very funny bits on his thoughts on global warming, before working his way into introducing Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He gave a very inspiring speech, then Tim McGraw took the stage with a guitarist and bass player and shared a new song. “If You’re Reading This” was based on a magazine article on letters soldiers write to be opened after their deaths – not exactly Toby Keith territory. Then he asked us to welcome “the most beautiful woman in the world – my wife”, and Faith Hill joined him for a duet on “I Need You”, then he left and she sang “Stronger”. There were a couple more video clips, then Sheryl Crow returned to play “Soak Up The Sun”, then everyone came back on stage for a group take on the Beatles’ “We Can Work It Out”.

Good stuff, but we were getting hungry. I’d recently heard that the Italian Store had the best pizza in the area, so we intended to test that claim. Or we would have, if they hadn’t just closed. So we went to the nearby Giant, picked up a frozen pizza and some essentials, then headed home where I heated the pizza and made some salad. Jill went off to study and I had some reading and auctions to take care of. We both ended up reading downstairs, which pleased Illa because he could get a double belly rub. Now Jill’s in bed and I’ll be joining her soon.

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  1. Hey, does Jill have an opinion about GMU’s nursing program? One of my coworkers has a kid who’s considering studying that there. The potential nurse’s other preferred school is Fairfield, which I know nothing about.


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